Practical Information

Visa and Passport entry Requirements:

American, Canadian, Austr alian, British and other EU passport holders do not require a visa for a stay of up to a month. Other Nationals are advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements.

Attention: All travellers entering Albania must have at least six months' validity remaining on their passport. Visitors must hold onward/return tickets, all documents for their next destination and sufficient funds for the duration of stay. Travellers who are visa exempt for one month must pay the visa/entry fee of €10 at the border.



Logo DANWe are a member of the Divers Alert Network Europe, and their partner. „The Dive Club” & our boat is equipped with Oxygen Units and FirstAid kits as well. We cooperate to re compression chambers in Italy and Montenegro.

There are no exotic illnesses in the area and so there is no need for vaccinations. In case of emergency public or private help can be obtained. A medical travel insurance is advised.

Emergency Number to Saranda Hospital 00355-852-2442 the emergency service : 127 and 112.



There is a well-developed network of long-distance coach-services. In Saranda the coach-stop is located in the centre of town. The ticket to Tirana costs 10 Euro, the trip takes 6 hours. Travel by car can be made difficult by the lack of direction panels, but the locals can point you in the right direction when asked. There are no rail connections.



The national currency is the Lek. 130 Lek = 1 Euro. The euro is accepted in almost every shop but the exchange rate is not favourable. It is better to exchange your money at a bank, an exchange office or even with a tout on the street. We recommend the exchange office. There are also cash dispensers in Saranda, these are situated in the main square, near the sea walkway and next to the Hotel Butrinti.


Telephone-Internet services

There are two internet cafés in Saranda, but the internet connection is not very stable. A local phone card can be brought, but you need your passport with you during the transaction. If you are planning to buy a phone card it is better to buy one on Corfu as the Greek network works in Saranda and connections within the EU are cheaper. There are also public phones that work with a card.





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