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Diving in the Himare area

Information for people from Himare and Sarande.

Next week we organize two
diving days in Porto Palermo.

2 diving days and 4 dives in beautiful places (visibility at least 25m)

You will be able to see:
- 40m wall,
- the cave  looks like a cathedral,
- ammunition of the Italian Manliher rifle of 1812 (being a Turkish Army machine);
- amphoras,
- car wreck that had fallen out of the way and "arrived" on 23m under water,
- a underwater source of fresh water where you can observe halocline,
   the boundary of mixing of waters of different salinity.


Write to us or send sms to take for you at least cylinders and ballast if you have the rest of the equipment with you.

+48 601 92 92 55

Why Albania?



contact us: office@albaniadive.com

+48 601 92 92 55



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- because you haven’t been there yet! Droga w górskej dolinie - wjazd do Albanii

- because there are 300 sunny days a year!

- because the water is transparent and warm!

- because the historic monuments are 2500 years old!

- because there are bunkers in every nook and cranny!

- because the country is all mountain, river, sea and lake!

- because almonds, orchids, palms, cypresses and cactuses grow wild!

- because a few hundred meters (not kilometers) separates the mountains from the sea!

- because the locals are friendly!

- because you are an explorer not a tourist!

- because Albanians are honorable and keep their word!

- because you wont be cheated in the shop or in the market!

- because the kids will stop you in the street; to practice their English!

- because you’ll see Albania before it becomes the ‘popular’ destination!

- because a holiday in Maldives relaxing and a trip to Albania is an adventure!

- because it’s safe, you don’t have to move in convoys like in the Middle East!

- because in Saranda night-life is vibrant!

- because the beaches are un-spoilt and clean!

- because you can swim to a 70 meter shipwreck from the shore!

- because if your companion doesn’t dive she’ll happily wait for you on a sandy beach!

- because sea-food, olives, figs, lamb, sheep’s cheese are cheap, home-made wine costs only 3 euro in the shop!

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